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Korean BBQers expand their empire

In case you don't feel like eating Quincy Jones's old magazine featuring 800-word profiles of SWV, opt instead to eat at this version of Vibe, a new, colorful maze of a restaurant (from the Manna Korean BBQ folks) serving a fused menu exploring Korean, Japanese & Chinese influences but concentrating on “American dishes made with Asian ingredients”.

They're making Kalbi-/ bulgogi-everything, from a stew, to tacos, to a burrito suspiciously sliced up like sushi, but stuffed with radish sprouts, enoki mushrooms, jalapeno, cilantro, salsa, and the same BBQ bulgogi from Manna, which'll still make a miraculous appearance even if you aren't fleeing Egyptian enslavement. Other interesting mashups include one from Das Kapital featuring that Bon Iver song Paella de Kimchi (rice, bacon, veggies, egg & fish cake), a sweet pineapple-sauced Mauian Sirloin that's tempura-battered and wok-fried, and a miso-glazed Chilean sea bass.

Traditionalists can stick to classics like bibimbap, sashimi, and yakitori skewers, while folks who are terrified by those words can hit the bar for beer, wine, and sake/soju cocktails so strong, they could make even a provocative publication covering hip-hop and R&B hard to read.