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Trade in your water for the Water of Life

Because its not satisfying to anyone but Richard Lewis when they pair dinners with Boku, Chef Greg Chavez and beverage-maven Emily Tracy of Leroy's instead created a whiskey-paired four-courser that “will take you from Tennessee to Scotland without ever leaving your seat”, and it's not even on an airplane! Or is it?!? (No).

Your evening of boozy revelry will kick off with a Super(man) cocktail they've dubbed The Metropolis, which will rescue you from the peril of boredom with Bulleit Rye, Carpano Antica, and blood orange bitters. Once whistles are thoroughly wet, you'll work your way through three protein-loaded pairings including Talisker 10yr paired with a pear/ginger pork belly & Tellicherry black pepper roasted pork shoulder dish they call Pork Two Ways, which were favored by most drug dealing pigs in the mid-'90s.

Before things take too sloppy a turn, they'll wrap up with a Medjool Date Cake with toasted brown sugar ice cream and a rare Bushmills 16yr that's extremely smooth, unlike Richie Lewis's half-hearted 1994 juice box endorsements.