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Go together like Cap'n Crunch and EVERYTHING

Definitely not a concept conceived strictly because the two names rhyme, Po & Pho's a brand-new Vietnamese pho/ New Orleans-style po' boy joint sprung open as a first restaurant effort from a good ol' Mississippi boy and his Vietnamese fiance, both of whom encourage you to stuff your face with: Sandwiches for the Po: While they will be churning out everything from turkey and cheese baguettes to BBQ beef, the real stars of the show will be the classic po' boys, which come standard with shrimp, chicken, or several kids from Little Rascals fish, though the adventurous can get down on an off-menu oyster job. What the Pho? The veggies-on-the-side, chicken/ beef/ pork cold-cures are made all authentic using age-old family recipes, along with specialties like the spicy Mi Quang with shrimp/ beef/ flat noodles/ crumbled shrimp crackers, and a Vietnamese steamed bacon sandwich all dressed up like a banh mi but called a Ba Chi, apparently because getting near this heated pig takes balls. And because they clearly want you to be cooler, they'll chill you off with classic Vietnamese iced coffees, boba/ lychee smoothies, crazy fruit ones featuring everything from jack fruit to avocado, and even mint chocolate Oreo shakes -- the drinking of which is definitely not a concept that'll help you conceive. Because you'll get chubby and stuff.