Karl Strauss 4S Ranch

San Diego

Karl Strauss 4S Ranch
Karl Strauss 4S Ranch


Serving up “West Coast Pub Fare”, everyone's favorite uncle Karl has just opened his first new brewery resto in a decade, fully loaded with a seven-barrel system and other fancy beer thingamajigs that'll be churning out a new specialty brew each month. Don't worry about not getting a seat, 'cause they've got room for 150 inside, plus 100 more on a massive patio with a fire pit, and even if it does somehow fill up, the 360-degree concrete bar will fill you a half-gallon growler to take to a dark alleyway while you wait go!

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1. Karl Strauss Brewery & Restaurant 10448 Reserve Dr, San Diego, CA 92127

The 4S Ranch location of uncle Karl's resto empire is just as breathtaking (or breath-inducing, depending on what you inhale) as the rest, but this one's got a microbrewery, which means it trumps just about... any other place within a 10-mile radius. Take a beer tour, enjoy what they call "West Coast pub fare", and revel under the illuminated sign, "Make Beer, Not War."