Not just where your $10 fair-trade coffee comes from

When you experience success, it's important to cash in before you lose momentum, which is why Vanilla had only a three-week window between his single hitting #1 and making Cool As Ice. For a new Top Chef'd resto jumping off to the not-very-Extreme north, check out Burlap.

Back up in yo' face with a... new restaurant, Brian Malarkey's bringing his vaunted fare nearer the track in a wide-open Highlands spot opting for an "Asian Cowboy" theme with 200yr-old metal dragons, authentic Pakistani rugs, and Jackie Chan & Owen Wilson attempting to rescue Lucy Liu in 19thC Nevada an outside bar constructed with parts from a hand-carved, centuries-old Indian wall. Sticking to the Searsucker spirit, foodstuffs are broken into categories like “Raw”, “Stick”, and “Ours”, and range from rotisserie pork shoulder (a full pig roast's available w/ 72hrs notice), to balsamic teriyaki “Chicken Balls”, to the oyster, uni, caviar, and quail egg “Natural V**gra”, though due to its shameful association, ordering might be hard. Libation-wise, Smoke and Mirrors Cocktail Co is rolling out twisted classics like the “Shanghai Mule” with sake/ ginger beer/ lime juice/ housemade Chinese five spice bitters; thematic beauties like the rye/ Barolo Chinato/ lemon juice/ flamed orange twist “Gun Slinger” and the silver rum/ maraschino liqueur/ grapefruit/ mangosteen “Hemingway's Lover”, which should make a death killing in the afternoon.

For people who have friends or are opulent recluses, they've got a private dining room with a hanging rope installation tangled around water buffalo skulls, which will look even crazier when you've had some of that Juice to Get Loose, Boyyyy.