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Hardcore grilled cheese straight from the street

While your cheesy amigos have a tendency to make you lose your appetite, this fresh-as-Bel-Air-royalty sandwich cart (hitting the streets Friday -- save to My Thrillist so you don't forget!), Cheesy Amigos, is guaranteed to make you get it back with savory and sweet grilled cheese worked up by a Couch Surfing magnate and a dude who once biked across the entire US, likely because his Street Strider was in the shop. Feast your eyes on some of their initial offerings:

The Hawaiian: This sweet deal mashes up ginger teriyaki-marinated pineapple rings with double cream cheddar and California Swiss, which has a relaxed, neutral flavor

The Mushroom: Get all up in caramelized onions, cheddar, bleu cheese, and non-hallucinogenic 'shrooms. Or are they!?! (No)

The Strawberry + Banana: Brilliantly pressed between soft brioche, this unique little gem's loaded with fresh strawberries/ bananas, Nutella, and a strawberry Chardonnay cheddar

The Spicy: Chipotle aioli, California cheddar, and buffalo wing cheddar combine to make this pup both hot and cheesy, something your buddy Dylan is incapable of pulling off thanks to his tilted visor.