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Whip it Up

Teaching something called "The Man Class" means you probably know a thing or two about beefing up and porking, or at least beef and pork. So to that end, we sought out the exec chef of Siesel's and Iowa Meat Farms/ Man Class professor to give us the rundown on fall-off-the-bone ribs. And also the rubdown. Watch this groundbreaking moving picture for answers to age-old questions like: 1. What in the name of Zeus's beard is a spare rib?2. How much beer can a baby back handle before it gets all sloppy and starts indiscriminately sexting? 3. Can a video of a man rubbing his meat be SFW?4. How do you make a rub for your own meat, and do so without girlishly giggling? Who needs school when you have the Internet? Step right through this digital doorway and scope this vid so that one day, you too can pork your friends with class.