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Sooooo damn cheesy

Did you know that the ad agency JWT invented the grilled cheese for its client, Kraft, in 1930? Or that the word "Greengo" is derived from what Mexicans yelled at American soldiers wearing green coats during the Mexican-American war in the 1840s, as in "Green, go home!"? If the answer to both was "yes", you obviously work for Julian Assange, and thus already know about GreenGo Grilled Cheese Gastro Truck. From chef Gaston Corbala, GreenGo makes a small but potent list of high-class toasted fromage sandwiches among other things you'll want to +1 once you finally figure out how Google Plus operates. Highlights from the menu include: The Carnivore Grilled Cheese: Five cheeses (provolone, sharp cheddar, Swiss, Muenster, and mozz), housemade grass-fed hamburger patty, Cie sourdough bread, and one spread, much to the chagrin of new Washington State football coach Mike Leach. Puerto Nuevo-Style Lobster: If you're from Del Mar and only eat things that have either lobster or shaved diamonds on them, then snag this five-cheese, butter-fried lobster, snow crab, and signature Sierra Nevada chipotle aioli number. GreenGo 2 The Toilet: Take either the five-cheese or Carnivore. Add goat cheese, applewood bacon, sausage, roasted bell peppers, arugula, smoked jalapenos, and all of the spreads. Eat it. Which leads to another fact: did you know that modern plastic Porta-Potties have been manufactured since the 1960s?