Food & Drink

Three siblings, one truck

In an effort to invigorate our lacking bánh mì market, the three OC siblings behind Hoangies (a mashup of their last name, Hoang, and hoagies, which are what people from Philly call subs when they're not being tased!) fled that wretched county filled with brooding dudes from Chino to bestow SD with its first ever Vietwich food truck.

All “hoangies” start with an “airy” French baguette stuffed with French butter, pickled daikon radish, carrots, sliced jalapenos, cucumber, cilantro, and a spicy aioli (add a fried egg if you crazyyy), then mix it up with options like marinated pepper steak for the Moo, garlic chicken for the Doodle-do, sweet pork shoulder for the Oink, and panko-crusted, deep-fried tofu for the, um, Tofu.

If you're not feeling like a sandwich, you have body image issues you'll need to get over, but first mack down on Vietnamese egg rolls with pork/ vermicelli pasta/ carrots/ daikon, or a Viet iced coffee, which is French-pressed, just like Marissa Cooper's lips when that dude from Chino runs out of things to brood about.