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Is probably plenty

Now ready and willing to accept at least a little of your business, Just the Tip's an all-new, meat-minded food truck run by a self-professed “blue-collar cook”, who's hitting the town just a couple of days a week to start while slicing up 24hr marinated tri-tip for sandwiches like: Wrap it Up!: So named because you don't know where it's been (JK, they make it right there), this protein powerhouse's got cheddar & jack, beer-battered onion rings, seasoned red peppers, and a spicy garlic/ lemon/ roasted pepper aioli. .38 Special: Way bigger than the Saturday Night version, this guy's fully loaded with mo' cheddar & jack, waffle fries, and green sauce, which's sadly not just slang for Midori. The Squints: Despite its name, it's not hard to see that this pup's topped with vegetarian chili, those two cheeses we keep mentioning, and onion rings or waffle fries.Grilled Cheese It: So cheesy they didn't feel like giving it any 'tip, this sourdough sammich comes stacked with those same damn cheeses, plus sharp cheddar, Parmesan Cheez-Its, and garlic mashed potatoes.Fear not, unadventurous one, they're also slinging the straight-up Traditional 'wich with just tri-tip and BBQ sauce -- plain enough for even the most awkward dude to get in to.