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If you like it then you should <strike>have put a ring on it</strike>... just call and order more

Because products named for married ladies are famously unreliable (Mrs. Butterworth doesn't even make real syrup, and there's literally no evidence Mrs. Dash can even walk), opt instead for the single-minded goodness coming from new food truck Miss Sushi. The truck will be rolling around town dishing out Catalina Offshore catch, which the chef went to an LA Sushi Academy to learn how to California roll. So find this lovely lady and get down on roving offerings like the:Angry Crab: Rocking redundancy in more than just its name, this guy has both livid and furious spicy soft shell and Pacific stone crab, cucumber, sprouts, avo, green onion, and Sriracha. Red Head Roll: Not to be confused with the Red Head Eye Roll familiar to anyone who's ever met Wendy Hall, this mermaid-less number's loaded with shrimp tempura, crab, spicy tuna & sauce, and crunchies.Yellowtail Tostada: Like a normal tostada only with more ocean, this crispy wonton shell is topped with the yellowest of tail, plus good ol' avo, sprouts, green onion, ponzu, and a seaweed salad.Chicken Katsu Sliders: Not exactly of-the-sea, these chicken sliders turn Japanese via that episode where the fat dude with the beard improbably becomes a Samurai a deep-fried panko crust, then get topped with even more avo action, plus cucumber and a savory/sweet katsu sauce.Perhaps the best part of the whole deal: she'll deliver if you're too lazy to roll out and meet her, which is perfect, as that's exactly how Southern Californians like to roll.