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Where to Thai one on near Caltrain

San Francisco

Just around the corner from also-awesome Thai joint Koh Samui and the Monkey, Root's a wide-open, Buddha bust-equipped noodle house in SOMA, set in the former Spire space and seating 60+, including five at a Third St-facing, people-who-really-need-tickets-watching window.

The menu combines "country Thai" with American tastes, including the Prawn in a Blanket (deep fried marinated jumbos rolled in rice wraps and served w/ sweet & sour sauce), optionally meat'd Drunken Noodles, and a Spicy Basil Burger w/ Thai seasoning and -- like Nick Nolte in Blue Chips -- all the fixings.

And since you can't be a place called Root without... beer!, they've got six drafts and six bottles, plus a full cocktail list (try the Rye Barrel w/ Bulleit, Fernet, fresh lemon, mint leaf & Angostura) and plans for a large-scale whiskey program, which you'll definitely be (re-)sold on.

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1. Root 685 3rd St, San Francisco, 94107

Root, in SOMA, is a Thai restaurant set in the former Spire space. It seats 60+, and boasts a menu full of Thai favorites like pad Thai, tom yum, and panang curry alongside more American fare including a 1/3 lb. Thai basil burger and a grilled chicken sandwich. Root has also got a quite a thing for whiskey, a point proven by their 10 whiskey-driven cocktails.

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