Fried quesadillas and… wait, fried quesadillas?!?

From a tequila-loving Chez Panisse alum/James Beard Award-winning cookbook author, Copita's a 57-seat tequileria now soft-opened across the street from the water in Sausalito, with a cantina-style interior anchored by a ceramic-tiled, cobalt rotisserie oven, and accented with Edison chandeliers, a mahogany bar, and deep orange walls covered in layers of beeswax, not that it's any of yours.

The menu has a lot of words on it, but only four you need to remember to say aloud to your server: Mexico City-Style Quesadillas, which're stuffed with chorizo & potatoes, fried, and then topped with crema & queso fresco. They've also got 24hr, pineapple-marinated carnitas; Negra Modelo-battered fish tacos; and full/half spit-roasted chickens rubbed in two types of chilis, one of which you're praying is To Go.

Booze-wise, they'll pour three mezcals and 87 sipping tequilas (alone or in flights): blancos'll be served w/ a nine-ingredient sangrita garnished w/ jicama, cucumber & a lightly grilled pineapple, reposados will be with the same (minus the p-apple), and anejos/extra anejos'll be done straight in snifters. Beyond shots, they'll have under-$10 mixeds like the Mexican 75 (w/ Siete Leguas blanco, sparkling wine, lime juice & agave nectar) and an egg white drink w/ Corazon blanco, maraschino liqueur, and fresh lime juice dubbed the Prado, which Michael C. Hall'll probably kill a few of.

Still to come: they've got a private stock, 100-liter, uncut barrel of Herradura that they'll personally age and keep behind the bar until it's ready to get down to business, though this time, that business will be yours.

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