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Global street eats and surf culture in Pacifica

Aside from visiting the childhood home of Rob Schneider, there haven't been a lot of reasons to visit Pacifica, until now, thanks to Surf Spot. Both a full-service global small plate resto and a bastion of outdoor entertainment, SS was started by a resident chef who wanted to capture the cuisine and vibe of the places he's surfed at all over the world. Get learned on: The Righteous Digs: Inside, get psyched about their redwood bar, and pictures of dudes who are much better at surfing than you, then head outside to hang in private cabanas that look like surf shacks built by Scrooge McDuck (fire pits, roof decks, flatscreens), or start an intense, shirtless, gratuitously oiled-up game of beach volleyball (BYOLOGGINS). Bonzer Eats: Small plates were named for international surf locales and include street eats from those areas, like Nha Trang, Vietnam (crispy, sweet & spicy chicken wings), Waimea Bay, Hawaii (Kalbi sticky ribs), and Mundaka, Pays Basque, Spain (bacon-wrapped dates w/ chorizo). The main menu skews more traditionally Californian w/ highlights like Porchetta spit-roasted over an open fire, and the Fog Cutter pizza made w/ Italian sausage, pepperoni, bacon, and shredded mozz, which clearly hasn't been eating itself.Bitchin' Cocktails: Aside from six CA brews on tap (21st Amendment Back in Black, Devil's Canyon Full Boar Scotch, etc.), they've got signature sippers like the Porcini (bacon-infused bourbon, maple syrup, orange bitters, Cointreau), and even a traditional New Orleans-style Hurricane, which is so strong, it could prevent even a handsome stud like Schneider from sealing the deal.