Bayou Billy would totally go here

Every guy should visit New Orleans at least once in his life, if not for the sauced boob-flashing co-eds, then at least to finally meet that Cajun crocodile from Ninja Turtles in person. Saving you the plane fare by bringing NOLA to you, Boxing Room, opening Thursday

Slinging eats from a 26yr-old Louisiana native who has minded the pots 'n pans at CoCo 500 and Moss Room, BR's a faux alligator-skinned, Douglas fir'd ode to the Pelican Brief featuring Julia and Denzel! State, all owned up by the same dude who funded Absinthe, Arlequin Wine Merchant, and the Comstock Saloon. The menu's chock-full of refined creole classics like smoked chicken 'n andouille gumbo and corn maque choux-sided southern-fried chicken, plus holy-Jesus-how-did-they-source-that dishes like creole remoulade-topped deep-fried alligator, a Gulf flounder a la Meuniere, and a mirliton pepper stuffed with ratatouille, which'll ironically make it hard for you to fit into Cars 2. If beer is what you're after, hit the 28-seat zinc-topped bar that'll be pouring 37 brews (20 on tap, 17 in bottles), including Louisiana-based Abita Amber, Andygator, Jockamo, and Dixie, which probably won't work for Chicks, unless they somehow managed to cram it full of Sour Apple Pucker.

They'll stick to dinner-only for the first few weeks, but'll soon bust out entirely new lunch and brunch menus once they're settled in, though as of now dem give no gare-unnn-teee.