Food & Drink

Caffeinated negronis and fried pizza sticks

Small towns have long been called the backbone of America, but not the backboner of America, because that's Florida. Just look at that thing! Sticking that small-town style into Hayes Valley: Dobbs Ferry, opening today.Run by four dudes, two of whom are actually from a small town outside of NYC, suburb-repping DF aims to serve ingestables you'd expect in a neighborhood Italian restaurant, and combines an austere main dining room with a giant bar room (with stainless steel pulley lamps and the building's original wood columns) to form an L-shape, but not an Elle shape, because unlike Macpherson, again, this place has food in it. Chef'd by a former Ozuma kitchen-minder who was once a Top Chef guest judge/Padma Lakshmi boob-starer, the menu'll be flush with apps like fried pumpkin and pizza frites, plus pre-desserts that'll include a Shoemaker Chicken (Italian sausage, sweet or hot-on-request peppers, and cottage fried potatoes) and a braised pork shoulder-stuffed ravioli drizzled with pork sauce, also the nickname KY Jelly was considering before going with "f*** jam". And with that in mind, there are also throat-sexing drinks like a Dobbs Ferry (Bud heavy and a Jameson shot), a Negroni Doble (like a normal negroni but with double espresso vodka), and a Death's Door Whiskey'd White Manhattan, which promises to make you bad at dancing but awesome at mid-range jump shots.Oh, and in the coming weeks they'll be offering lunchables to go, which you can score from their Hayes St-located second entrance, though don't call it the back door, or Florida will get all excited.