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Indian street food, and yes, it's in a liquor store

Most successful operations require three things: long-term vision, a well thought out location, and the rare ability to snag that damn bread basket before the crappy tweezers sound the buzzer. For a new SOMA joint that's got the first two and is now just hoping to bring in the bread, Juhu Beach Club

Harbored inside an honest-to-god liquor store, JBC's a brown bag-encouraging Indian street food-ery from Top Chef alum Preeti Mistry that's turning a one-time naan-slinging lunchtime pop-up into an 11a-8p enterprise Rent-A-Car beginning this week. The deli-style counter'll rock three menus (lunch, snack, dinner), with light-to-hearty options ranging from India's Bizarre Love Triangle (chutney-topped two-potato-and-pea samosas) to Holy Slow Braised Cow (smoky black cardamom short rib sandwich with cucumber Raita), plus post-meal sugar high-inducers like a Chai Chocolate Chip Cookie, which pairs well with Chai Chocolate Chip Magic Johnson. Drinkables include a housemade masala chai over ice, and a Sassy Lassi (Alphonso mango yogurt cooler), plus an unlimited supply of totally normal booze-ables -- because remember, you're in A LIQUOR STORE -- all served in convenient brown bags to help you avoid the law, which isn't easy if you're one of the other dudes who sits on Golden State's bench.

There're also plans to add a rotating biryani (veggies or meat up top, rice down below, all baked together), plus a vacay-inspired Shrimp Po'Bhai with NOLA-style BBQ shrimp done up in curry leaf ginger butter, though until it comes, you're sure to have Butterflies in the Stomach... as it's super easy to snag if only worth 100 points.