Food & Drink

Yerba Buena Lane gets even more delicious

Now that it's time for you to hear what Mariah Carey wants for Christmas 10 times a day, Press Club is getting in the spirit of things with a Winter-specific menu just for you, baaaaby.There are (earmuffs, Bugs!) rabbit corn dogs with a Meyer lemon hazelnut mustard...... warm soft pretzels served with a spicy beefsteak tomato chutney and a curry spice infusion you'd never expect (unless you've already read this and are just going through it again).Also: A wild arugula and aged balsamic pizza topped with chanterelle, matsutake, and foraged mushrooms that don't taste like shiit...ake.And Painted Hills chuck pot roast sliders on olive focaccini buns that're paired with a root vegetable slaw (pictured), a salsa verde (not pictured), and wine cork ambiance (fuzzily pictured).Plus, there's a spiced dark chocolate mousse cake, accompanied by a salted almond ice cream and filled with what just might be the crisps from a Krackel bar.Booze-wise, they've tweaked an eclectic beer selection to include the Jupiter-resembling (in super up-close photos) Perfect Crime's ‘American Blonde’ blonde ale, which's from... um... Belgium?And then there's the Snowball (the IPA-ish Saison you see on the left) and this Mexican Chocolate spiced stout, which comes complete with an evil face in the reflection. Usually.