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Futuristic ordering and secret sandwiches at the Metreon

Hate paying a $3 withdrawal fee every time you get to every single freaking place in the Mission ever and find out they only take cash? Well, then stop going to those places, idiot. And also, start going to Split Bread, a sandwich shop that doesn't accept cash. At all

Opening tomorrow in the House That Sony Built (and $15 movie tickets keep afloat!) this black-and-white-tiled flagship sandwich-ery from the guys behind Mixt Greens lets you order any of three ways: ahead of time online, through a host at one of the butcher block stands via credit card, or at your table, where you can use any smartphone (iPhone, Android) or stupidphone (Blackberry) and scan a QR code from your seat. Sandwiches -- which can come with fries and bacon aioli dipping sauce -- rotate seasonally, feature slow-roasted meats from a behind-the-counter rotisserie, and all come numbered to make ordering even easier, including the No. 99 (Kobe meatloaf & sun-dried tomato relish on a baguette) and the No. 10 (spit-roasted porchetta & onion jam on a toasted English muffin). Just don't try to order the Nos. 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, and 42 or you'll get Lost. And because you've watched enough TV/movies to know that drinking alcohol makes you infinitely cooler, they'll let you order a bunch of it, from wines by the glass, to Lillet/Campari cocktails, to 18 super-wide-ranging beers (i.e. Ayinger Hefe, High Life & North Coast Le Merle Saison)

(Pssst! There's also an unnamed, off-menu burger that's Big Mac-esque, with two roasted short rib patties and American cheese on a three-tiered English muffin -- maybe another reason to stop going to every single freaking place in the Mission ever?)

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