Because all duck should be carved tableside

Since the last time you went to the Ferry Building for food, you never returned... wait, no... returned right after lunch, avoid the nightmarish time-suck next time around and instead hit Region: a Southeast Asian retreat opening next week on Steuart St. A peek:The Look: Owned by the guy behind Unicorn in the FiDi, this Mexico DF-replacer looks like a futuristic nature preserve Pauly Shore and Stephen Baldwin would wind up in while looking for a mall bathroom thanks to glass-encased white birch trees on the bar facade and the backside of the dining room, an undulating steel ceiling, light-refracting polycarbonate walls, and a giant atom-like chandelier dangling above enough seats for 69 (heyo!).The Food: Southeast Asian eats count bacon tiger prawns in a crab sauce stew, cubed filet mignon (with onions, Szechuan pepper & a seared rice cake), and Beijing-roasted duck that's carved tableside by the chef and accompanied by homemade thin pancakes and duck sauce, too much of which'll leave you telling Tales.The Drink: Beer & wine'll flow from eight taps (plus be pulled from a library-ladder-equipped wine rack wall), while the cocktail program'll be run by the same girl who crafted Bottega's in Yountville, with tipples counting the Foraged Manhattan (rye whiskey, sweet vermouth, candy cap mushroom syrup) and Kentucky Afternoon (bourbon, strawberry spice shrub, soda, mint), plus specials like the Dragon Tattoo (vodka, Strega, lime & Five Spice powder) which'll be available forever... wait, no... during happy hour only.