Behold, the sushi burrito

Everyone loves a great combination, whether it's on a fast food menu or down for two seconds, up, and kick -- Guile flash kick! Serving up what just might be the world's second greatest combination, Sushirrito.

Conceived by a Union Square-living dude with a freshly minted biz school degree from Northwestern, Sushirrito is a sauna-sized, bamboo-floored, zero-seat fusion lunch slinger that'll wrap burrito-sized and -shaped sushi rolls stuffed with sheer deliciousness and weighing in at over a pound, or for you Yanks, $1.6 bucks. Rolled by a former exec chef at Roy's, the 'Rito rolls will include the triple-fished, wasabi mayo'd Three Amigos (yellowtail/ salmon/ tuna), the tempura shrimp-filled Crispy Ebi (with melted Pepperjack), and the Smokin' Chicken buritt-oll with plantain chips, chipotle aioli, avocado, and baked chicken, who'll likely need help finding the road before he can think about attempting to cross it. Adding to the awesomeness, they'll also have a self-serve salsa bar with South American varieties including a chimichurri and a roasted tomato, plus generously sized pre-packaged starters like edamame, or Visanthe Shiancoe.

Because the space is small, they'll only have hinged tables on the walls available for stand-up eating, but only when it's not packed -- a situation that seems unlikely unless the neighborhood expects a Sonic BOOM.