Flintstone-sized BBQ, signature beer, and $1 oysters

The Giants have done a lot for San Franciscans: they've given them a World Series title, a newfound sense of sports pride, and a fear-worthy beard, though to be fair, Megan Mullally does spend most of her time in NYC and LA. For the latest and greatest product of the Giants' success, SB40, now open.

Finally bringing its talents to South Beach, SB40 is a World Series-inspired do-over of an old waterfront Filipino foodery that adds appropriate amounts of orange and black to the interior of an already awesome three-patio'd building, plus a 12-seat mahogany-topped bar, sound-upgraded plasmas, and a gastropub-ish menu focused on beer-complementing oysters and "Q", an abbreviated reference for the gadget-making dude Bond always sasses with who oversees the research and development division of the British Secret Service barbecue. Oyster offerings include fresh singles with three dipping sauces (spiced vinegar, cocktail, tangy avocado) and baked quartets (like the butter, cayenne, and cilantro'd Mexicali), while BBQ is rib-focused with baby backs and the Flintstone-sized Not So Short Rib, a marbleized 13"-long, 4"-thick Angus beef bone, which'll impress just about anyone, but especially your girlfriend. Ha, reference to you not being well-endowed? Check! There's also a full list of specialty plates (including a garlic crab and shrimp jambalaya served in the crab's whole shell) and ample liquids to wash everything down thanks to an 11-tap system that boasts by-the-pitcher locally brewed Prohibition, Anchor Steam, and a brand new house-labeled SB40 pale ale they're brewing with help from Craftworks, but not Kraftwerk, as those dudes are notoriously reclusive.

And because they couldn't pull together a smoke machine and some Miami Heat cheerleaders in time, they'll be introducing themselves to SB with a welcome-to-the-hood party today at 11a complete with cheap-ish beer ($5 Berkeley-brewed Trumer Pils) for Giants pre-gaming, a $1 oyster happy hour (5-7p), and a local brewer Q&A, which'll likely begin with the question: Why is a Brewer doing this Q&A when everyone knows J.T. Snow is available?