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Potato goat cheese gratin and pre-dinner shots in Nob Hill

Things made better with a little country: Civil War re-enactment after-parties… um… sexy Civil War re-enactment after-parties… and Cocotte, a former fancy French place turned countrified Franco date spot in Nob Hill.

The interior’s set up like a Marie Antoinette-hating peasant’s kitchen thanks to hanging copper pots n’ pans, dark wood framing and beams, and le patio seating. The food will remind you of that time you accidentally went to rural France, since the chef who hails from a “medieval hilltop town” is putting out comfort food that definitely won’t make you Les Miserables (ha!) like potato and goat cheese gratin or roasted duck breast with parmesan polenta, pork belly, and fig jus

And because you're still Versailles-ing over that last pun, you'll want to numb the pain with one of 24 wines (12 by the glass), five beers, or a shot from their rather extensive pre-dinner apertif list, which includes Kir Royal, Dubonnet, and a Cocktail Aurore, a champagne-based drink that's really the perfect Union of starter boozes.