Food & Drink

The Mish's new lunchtime must-visit

If your one wish was that your favorite, James-Bearded dinner spot would set up a tiny, in-restaurant counter from where it'd serve fresh, made-in-house bread and a small menu of lunchtime sandwiches, and keep its beer and wine flowing, you are a) not very concerned with world peace, and b) lucky, because here comes Bar Tartine's Sandwich Shop

The new dining-room-adjacent, shop-within-a-shop's basically a simple, white-marble countertop that frames the impossible-to-miss(-or-lift) 15000lb bread oven that actually requires a special support system, much like you after you found out Carrie cheated on Aidan with Mr. Big

Their grab-and-go-or-sit-anywhere-in-the-restaurant menu (scrawled on window panes above the counter) will consist of snacky-type things like fried smoked potatoes w/ ramp mayo, and two types of sandwiches: open-faced ryes dubbed smørrebrød (corned beef/horseradish cream/fried onion, bacon/egg/blue cheese/avo...), and full-on (close-faced?) 'wiches like a pressed-pork melt

Drinks can be either virgin (Four Barrel coffee, kefir shakes with ginger and strawberry) or boozy in the case of wine and three drafts: Linden St's Burning Oak and Our Daily (B)red (which's brewed w/ Tartine's sourdough starter), plus Ballast Point's Sculpin, which if you're at all thirsty, would probably be your wish right now, you selfish bastard.