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The best new place to start your day in the Mission

Perfect for the dude who loves black-and-red tool chests and is totes Team Jacob, Craftsman & Wolves is the newest venture from the lauded pastry chef behind Tell Tale Preserve Company. This communal-equipped, industrial-looking noshery is anchored by a 20ft display case behind which hang pictures of a torn-in-half plane and an abandoned van on an island... almost makes you wonder if they got LOST. Here's what you absolutely have to eat when you go

The Rebel Within: Unlike your super sweet Che shirt from college, the rebel in this amazing breakfast muffin is actually a perfectly soft-cooked egg with a runny yolk that oozes out once you cut it open, officially marking the coolest usage of "ooze" since it created the Ninja Turtles

Pork Loin Sandwich: If you're looking more for lunch-type fare, grab this delicious 'wich with rose water-pickled cucumber, which adds bacon to double-up on the pork, or why your cheek is still sore from asking your GF to do the exact same thing

The Devil Inside: Not just what you get from playing with Ouija boards, this chocolate cake topped with toffee hides a Valrhona chocolate center, that itself also hides a foie gras core. Whoa

Along with myriad other pastries, C&W is serving up Sightglass coffee and chocolate/caramel drinks, plus in the next few months, they hope to add beer and wine to the menu, assuming they get their permits Locke-d down.