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High-end 'za hits the Mission

Unlike your sister in a crowd, who everyone describes as "the bigger one, with the pizza", Farina's new sister -- Farina Pizza -- is actually the smaller one, with the pizza: a high-end, just-down-the-block, two-years-in-the-making 'zeria, officially open starting today

The same award-winning dude who designed Farina did FP too, installing an upscale diner aesthetic anchored by a Warholian ceiling mural sporting hundreds of hyper-colored portraits of Mad Men-era men and, ugh, women, all overlooking just four six-seat tables, seven pizza-oven-facing white stools, and four more at a black acacia bar up front. Pies're $15 apiece and range from the Capricciosa (w/ San Marzanos, mozz & romano, olives, salami, ham, champignon 'shrooms), to the Lingua di Fuoco (sausage, bell peppers, hot chile flakes), plus there's the $25 Tronchetto, a massive calzone-style rolled pizza stuffed with cherry tomatoes, prosciutto, arugula & four cheeses, at least one of which probably had something to do with Butchie getting killed

And since it's pretty much illegal to eat pizza sober, they've got eight wines available by the glass along with nine beers (Birrificio Barley Friska, Pausa Cafe Tosta, Bruton Momus...) sourced from Italy, which -- like your sister -- everyone also describes as "the one that looks like a boot".