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The Mission's new must-visit panini-ery

Not just what you call that one lingerie-wearing, all-girl basketball team's defensive strategy, Hot Press is also now a Mission sandwich shop, opening up today at noon inside a corner grocery-sized space that distracts you from an otherwise average interior with panini-pressed epicness you'll want to slide into your otherwise average interior, including

The Staten Island: This 'nini comes with a spray tan and an inability to correctly pronounce the word coffee pastrami and corned beef brisket, piled on three layers of sliced bread with a double helping of Emmentaler, cabbage slaw, sliced pickles, and house dijonnaise

The Try Trick Me: Expect Santa-Maria-style tri-tip steak on a French baguette with caramelized onions, a drizzle of steak sauce, Emmentaler, glazed mushrooms, and an aioli of garlic mayo, also what Tony Allen says whenever OJ's all "Yo Big T, what's that one vegetable you can use to ward off vampires?"

The Waffle Bomb: Easily the most delicious-sounding WMD ever, this dessert replaces the tired old ice cream sandwich with two crispy waffles hugging your choice of flavors from Three Twins, which's ice cream and not just the reason why that all-girl basketball team's full-court-trapping defensive strategy's so assuredly hot.