Finally, a bread-scription service

Started by a self-taught dude with the ultimate last name (Baker) for running the San Francisco Giants his newfound trade, Josey Baker Bread is a sourdough-slinging operation in the Mission that bakes 300 crazy-awesome-sounding loaves each week, then offers them up via a bread-scription service -- you pay a monthly stipend and he'll leave you a different loaf of his signature 1.5lb creations weekly at any of four pickup locations you choose including Pizzaiolo, Gravel Gold, Subrosa Coffee, and Mission Pie, which tends to be way more expensive than $3.14, but hey -- at least that ish is organic. A look at some of his badass breads including a just-for-Thrillist offering available starting next week:

Black Pepper Parm Using a sourdough starter, this savory mass is Baker's most-requested and'll be available at Bi-Rite Market for the first time starting next Wednesday, a Parmesan'd masterpiece that's similar to his cheese levain but adds a little pepper kick, which in turn releases another 23 flavors, according to that Dr. Dre commercial where he puts a soda on a turntable.

Chocolate and Peanut Butter One of three cacao-infused 'doughs (he also does dark chocolate & ginger, and dark chocolate & cherry), this sweet concoction is the bread equivalent of a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup loaf, so obviously, there's no wrong way to eat it.

Just-For-Thrillist:Pre-Made BLT Only available at his recently installed Mission Pie bread stand next Wednesday and Thursday after 5p, this single-serving pocketbread weighs in at 1/3lb and features sundried tomatoes and chunks of bacon, even though it seemed that dude was primarily composed of Baby Ruth bars.