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The Mission just got steakier

Just opened by the team behind Starbelly and Beretta, this warm, grey-and-white-bricked Latin-American take on a steakhouse features two floors' worth of seating, with a copper-inlay'd communal table, deep brown leather booths, and a giant mural of five bulls that somehow doesn't include Bill Wennington

Like any good Latin-American take on a steakhouse would, the menu features smaller dishes separated into cold (Ceviche de Pescado: halibut, aji Amarillo, sweet potato, fried corn) and hot (Vigorón-roasted pork belly, cabbage, jalapeno, lime, yuca), and then there's the carnivore-tastic Asador section with grilled everything, from New York strip, to an Asado Mixto (w/ an assemblage of peppers, chorizo & blood sausage), to beef short rib, which would really appreciate it if you called it beef vertically-challenged-rib

And because cocktails are a significant source of alcohol, they'll flank an extensive wine list and ten brewskies with a tipple roster separated into "Classico" (martinis, Old Fashioneds, Manhattans) and "Nuevo", which features the rye/bourbon/10yr tawny port Cure For Pain, which -- if those bulls are any indication -- will probably Perdue quite well.