Crispy pastrami, Challah french toast, and griddled Reubens

Opening tomorrow in the land of trying-hard-to-not-try-hard, Wise Sons is the first cinder blocks n' concrete location for the already beloved Jewish deli pop-up, sporting a chosen interior of copper-encased hanging bulbs, old-timey portraitures of the staff’s families, and black 'n white signage with phrases like “In America, you can eat Challah every day”, which's actually the third awesomest thing about America, behind the fact that there're no cats there, and the streets're paved with cheese.

Started by two Cal alums, this pastramery’ll put together signatures like a Reuben (w/ griddled housemade pastrami or corned beef) or the Deli Burger (ground beef w/ 'strami/beet-horseradish spread/spicy brown mustard on Challah), plus specialties like caramelized onion-topped pastrami cheese fries and maple syrup-shmeared fried crispy noodle kugel, but not kegel, despite how much your noodle prefers it. Since your ex-roommate took the good frying pan, stop in for breakfast (and Sunday brunch too!) for fare like a Semite Sandwich (crispy pastrami/Swiss/spicy mustard/fried egg on griddled rye) or the L.E.O. (house-smoked steelhead lox/soft-cooked scrambled eggs/caramelized onions), along with baked goods like Jewish Corn Rye, handrolled Beauty’s Bagels, and hair-free, cough-resistant, not-at-all-lesser Chocolate Babkas.

Know that they won't have booze, but they will whip up a chocolate egg cream for you, plus in the very near future they'll expand into dinner hours with traditional Jewish deliciousness like Kasha Varnishkas, plus other dishes that're a little more out there, beneath the paaaaaale mooooonlight.