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Lobster rolls and chicharrones-covered pork belly sandwiches in Levi's Plaza

Since you're tired of hearing about all the cool places open for lunch in the Mish when no one actually works there, hold on to your tired-of-microwavable-TJ's-burritos' hat and grab an amazing sando at Parlor 1255 in Levi's Plaza.With a kitchen helmed by a CIA grad who sous chef-ed at Bungalow 44, this lunchery's truly a family affair: the 12-seats-and-a-wooden-couch-equipped outdoor patio was furnished by the mom, while the glass-enclosed, seatless interior was built by the dad, and includes rusted pulleys holding up menu boards and a reclaimed wood wall that uses lumber from an Oregon barn whose shippers presumably didn't get stuck fording the river. The sandwiches. Are. Awesome. There's a meat-heavy signature 1255 Italian (mortadella, copa, prosciutto Di Parma, mozz, cippolini agrodolce, whole grain mustard), the Parlor Pork Belly w/ cucumber kimchee & 4505 chicharrones, and the Lobster Roll with celery, lemon aioli, and the claws, knuckles, and tails, which'll likely just regenerate next to Sonic after you're finished.The breakfast sandwiches? Also awesome. They make their own bacon for a scrambled egg and gruyere joint, plus there's the fried egg-topped 4505 Maple Sausage Sando, which totally beats stealing another frozen meal from Bev in Accounting.