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Vietnamese noodle awesome and maple bacon donuts

Finally landing a permanent home on Market, one-time Ferry Building pop-up Soup Junkie (and its Vietnam-born Chinese chef) is finally dishing out Pho-rmidable, lunch-time noodle bowls from a comically tiny storefront that's guaranteed to have a line out the door -- which either means a) "This food is amazing", b) "There's no room in this place", or c) "Someone's giving away Bon Iver tickets!!".All of the daily rotating menu items stem from original recipes put together by the dude's authentic-rice-noodle-bowl-making mom, including must-gets like Bun Rieu (w/ crab omelet, scratch pork balls, tomatoes & fresh herbs) and a meaty joint with beef three ways: braised, meatballed, and Sierra Misted sliced. Don't like noodle bowls? Want to insult his mom and her century-old recipes? Well you're in luck: they've also got shrimp and pork spring rolls, plus three sandwich options including the baguette-hugged Pulled Pork with chicken liver pate, housemade mayo, pickled veggies, braised pork belly, and fancy pork, which's totally, probably, maybe butchered from pigs wearing top hats and monocles.Oh, and they're also stocked with Bicycle Coffee and pastries/goodies from Black Jet Baking and Dynamo Donuts, including a bacon jalapeno crepe and a bacon-topped apple donut with maple glaze -- they both sell out pretty quickly, so if you get there before work and snag one of either, consider yourself Pho-rtunate.