Like The Neverending Story, but delicious-er

The Deal: From the same crew behind Sweet Maple and Blackwood, Kitchen Story's a California cuisine-ery in the Mish-stro that looks just like every other "typical suburban family breakfast nook that inexplicably seats 50 people".The Food: The menu's split into categories that double as things Ally McBeal is thinking at any given moment (from "I'm STARVING" to "Binge Starters"), plus features lots and lots of maple syrup, including most notably in the New England Burger: a syrup-infused Wagyu patty topped with aged white cheddar and their signature Millionaire's bacon.The Drink: Allergic to alcohol? Lucky you: they've got coffee. Willing to risk it anyway? They've got you covered there, too, with 14 wines and nine beers, including locals like the 1554 Enlightened Black Ale, which's made using a centuries-old Belgian recipe.The Bonus: Breakfast, which includes piles of those very rich pig strips (they cook in syrup, chiles, and honey), plus Nutella-stuffed deep fried French Toast -- if there's ever a reason your suburban family breakfast nook seats 50, this is probably it.