Food & Drink

Chicken-y goodness, served 'til 2a

Everyone loves a great wing now and again, unless it starts averaging 2.7pts in the fourth quarter of the NBA Finals and keeps getting chalk everywhere. Bringing its talents (and delicious bird meat) to Haight St, Wing Wings, opening tomorrow.From a Baltimore-repping former Little Skillet chef, WW is a house of wing-y awesomeness that'll sling fried chicken to Lower Haight-ians 'til 2a outta a clean-lined, bright orange-floored, personalized saloon door-equipped interior that seats 10 at stools and four more at out-front benches, presumably pre-warmed by Brian Cardinal. The menu'll feature fresh-cut fries and domesticated fowl that's deep-fatted in three double-fryers in the back and doused with any of eight different glazes, like the spice-packed Angry Korean, the Jerk, a sweet/spicy signature Wing Wings soy, and Buffalo, which won't even cost you extra Bills, so rest easy, Pete Metzelaars. They'll also have classic dips (ranch, blue cheese, etc), two house hot sauces (spicy habanero and jalapeno ginger), and wing toppings (bacon, fresh chiles, chicharrones), plus choice sides (fried plantains, fried oyster mushrooms) and desserts made by the dude behind the Creme Brulee cart, also the name of a Mario Kart spinoff in which you choose between using Louie Anderson, Val Kilmer, Kirstie Alley, or Wario when he started hanging out with Badlands Booker.The plan is to start delivering wings by the dozen to a handful of Lower Haight bars as early as next week, a development you'll definitely to want to Witness.