Seriously serious spicy

A true man can get down with some seriously hot spice, though for the lesser man with lower standards there's always Melanie Chisholm. Now helping you "Spice Up Your Life", Hot Sauce And Panko.

From a pair of self-proclaimed "chili heads" who dig the hot stuff so much it's a surprise they don't give it away, give it away, give it away, HS&P's slinging 118 tongue-burners outta an old Chinese herb/massage parlor, plus has a tasting station boasting 30 free-to-try varietals ensuring people can still leave with something that burns. Bottles, which're almost entirely small batch and all vetted by the owners, are sourced from the Caribbean, Jamaica, South America, South Africa, and US of A, and include epic monikers like Colon Cleaner, Gringo Bandito, Slapya Mama, Ass Reaper, and Choke Your Chicken, a recipe no doubt developed by a true master...of his own domain. And despite not having a full kitchen, they do serve plenty of sauce-able vittles, including 12 types of wings (from honey mustard to Korean fried), three sandos (like the fried chicken with bacon and spicy slaw), and chicken-complementing Belgian waffles, one of which is topped with chili so spicy it'll have you chasing waterfalls.

Awesomer still, they'll also fill special orders, helping you get your hands on stuff like the almost-impossible-to-procure Source, a palette Armageddon-er that's 35x hotter than a habanero, ensuring it won't be gotten down on by any spice girls.