Ichi... ni... san...

Variety is often described as the spice of life, so expect to find it scrambled on the TV in your mom's basement with the volume on mute. Helping you spice up the time when you're not cooped up in the basement for three hours "reading", Oozora Sake House, now open.

Sandwiched between a sushi shop and a tattoo parlor, OSH is a new Japanese drinking den-cum-yakitori retreat in the middle-ish of Richmond, with a super sleek interior rocking dark wood slat work throughout, semi-private good-for-groups bench seating, and a daunting John wall o' sake. Cubby'd behind the bar are 16 Japanese rice wines, ranging from a premium 1.8L Kikusui Junmai for $138 to a $6 house option, plus S Bomb-complementing Asahi, Sapporo, and Yebisu, and even liter-sized soju cocktails available with seven fruit juice mixers, which're usually fun until Pomegranate sloppily starts hitting on Mango RIGHT in front of Grape. Skewered goodness includes pork belly, jumbo shrimp, bacon-wrapped asparagus, and quail egg, plus there're plenty of eyebrow-raising apps (fried squid balls, deep-fatted mini octopus, and the "seafood pancake") and skewer-free mains like a rib-eye bi bim bap and a tableside-seared meat casserole with sausage, veggies, noodles, and pork, but not Mork, as that would make the dish completely (na)new.

And to top it all off, they'll also serve up DIY s'mores that include marshmallows, graham crackers, chocolate, and a portable grill with 'mallow skewers so you can toast them to perfection all by yourself, also the only way to experience seeing a nipple on Channel 99... or maybe that was an elbow?!?