Food & Drink

You totally want to know what's going on in this photo, don't you?

Since your last trip to Comic-Con resulted in, well, nothing, because you didn't go to Comic-Con, but you really wanted to (have you seen those booth girls?!?), you're gonna want to go to Akiba, an awesome dessert-ery in the Richmond that'll get you all the awesomeness of a nerdy convention, minus the nerds, and plus the all-time-craziest dessert in SF history. If you're asking yourself how is this even possible, and what in the world this dessert is, stop talking to yourself and check out our expertly compiled FAQ below

So wait, what does this place serve? Just dessert?Everything from crepes (both savory and sweet), to gelato, to the previously-only-available-in-Tokyo Honey Box

Um... Honey Box?Basically it's a hollowed-out loaf of bread toasted crispy with honey before smaller pieces are Lincoln Logged back in, and the whole thing gets topped with whipped cream, fruit, and your choice of gelatos, which drip over the box's insides. Oh, and they're served to you by a waitress dressed like an anime maid

Wait, what was that last part?Your choice of gelatos? They have strawberry, lychee, Nutella..

No, the part about the anime maids.Well, since this place is basically straight outta Tokyo, the whole space is anime-ed out, including the cosplaying waitresses who do a special clapping/heart gesture ceremony when they serve the food

You're kidding right?Nope. It's awesome. And because the owner's big into the whole scene, customers are encouraged to cosplay too

So, like, do I have to dress up? I have a pretty sweet Sailor Moon costume actually.No, you just have to like delicious food. And girls in costume when it's not Halloween. Also, definitely pre-familiarize yourself with Dragon Ball Z

Why's that?Well, the whole resto is decorated with awesome anime art, complete with comics, toys for sale, and a flatscreen showing movies/shows. Plus there's a huge back gallery area with local art that you can rent out for events

Whoa, really? Can we get the anime maids to cater? Or maybe some of those Comic-Con booth girls?Don't be weird, dude.