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A Texas BBQ joint you'll want to mess with

Published On 10/24/2011 Published On 10/24/2011

They say that everything is bigger in Texas, so it's probably best for Niners DT Isaac Sopoaga's self-confidence and body image that he remain in the Bay Area. For a new Texas-style restaurant that might just cause everyone in the Marina to eventually weigh 330lbs, check out Cedar Hill, opening Wednesday.

From a Memphis Minnies-schooled Dallas dude and his Kuala Lumpur-born biz partner who used to manage NY's Fatty Crab, Cedar is a freshly minted Southern smokehouse-cum-Texas BBQ-ery named after the dude's family ranch in the Lone Star state and sporting appropriately ranch-y interior deets like mason jar light fixtures and lucky horseshoes, though no Doritos, despite their obvious Cool-ness. Non-Doritos offerings include fried pickles and Tabasco-aioli'd dirty rice fritters to start, Texas brisket chili and shrimp/chicken/andouille gumbo for your souping needs, eight sandwich options including The Po Boy (roast beef, turkey, catfish oyster, shrimp) and The Texadelphian (pulled pork, provolone, collard greens), four Southern specialties (like Sweet Tea Fried Chicken with black pepper sawmill gravy), and heaps of butcher paper-plated classic BBQ ranging from Texas Beef Brisket to Memphis Baby Back Baby Back, Baby Back, Baby Back, Chilis, Baby Back Ribs...(now, several octaves lower: BBQ sauucce). Booze-ables'll include two wines on tap, four draft beers (Shiner Bock, Allagash White, Scrimshaw Pils, Anderson Boont ESB), and PBR tallboys, plus less-boozy-but-still-awesome house-brewed chicory coffee and traditionally brewed Sweet Tea, which pities the fool who doesn't order it, but in a very kind way.

And because you won't get nearly full enough from their regular menu, they'll also do pre-orderable badass-ness like Wagyu brisket or suckling pigs, also what everyone in the Marina will turn into, once they quit bikram yoga to eat here 30 times a week.



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