Southern fare in Northern SF

Not just the name of the awesome, Smurf-emblazoned cup brand you definitely, probably, maybe don't still keep on your bathroom sink, Dixie's also an opening-today, Southern eat-and-drink-ery from a former Meadowood/Cavallo Point chef & George Lucas hobnobber, who's transformed an almost-too-large-to-actually-exist-in-SF space into an epic Gone With The Wind throwback.Southern eats-wise they'll do fantasticness like cheddar-and-scallion-stuffed hush puppies (w/ Tupelo honey) and roasted rabbit w/ bacon, plus there's a tasting menu wherein one of the courses will see you escorted to an in-kitchen, six-seat counter (wha??) where the chef'll drop what he's doing to cook for you, and in the process make a huge mess, because, hello, he just dropped what he was doing. Southern drinks-wise they'll serve bottles of Dixie along with eight drafts attached to a 20-seat, copper-inlaid bar, plus Southern-gentleman-skewing tipples like the Dixie Old Fashioned (w/ smoked sugar cane syrup) and The Derby Cooler (bourbon, rum, orange, lemon, grenadine). Also cool: they'll incorporate two naturally fermented sodas on tap into the cocktail program, including a permanent root beer and a second that'll rotate flavors like strawberry, cherry, and peach, which you'll probably only want in your drink if you're a Princess.Still to come: Dixie'll host a Southern Cocktail Hour next month that'll involve a specialty discount drink and servers walking around with trays of free apps, because frankly my dear, they don't give a damn.