Food & Drink

Like a beer garden, but for pizza and porchetta sandos

Since the last thing you got from a trailer left you permanently itchy down there, ensure the next is something you'll be totally proud to inform future sexual partners about with Carmel Pizza Company, now open in Fisherman's Wharf (yes, Fisherman's Wharf).Run by a couple with 20yrs' worth of Italian deli-ing and culinary study in Tuscany, this stationary, cherry red 'za trailer somehow houses an Italy-imported, wood-burning pizza oven capable of churning out pies at a rate of 5mins apiece, including suggested topping combos like a breath-defying Italian sausage-pepperoni-onion, or an Italian buffalo milk mozz w/ heirloom tomatoes, sweet basil & prosciutto crudo, which you can just never take around polite company. Almost as awesome as that crude/crudo wordplay: the La Porchetta -- one of two sandwiches also on the abbreviated menu -- which layers crispy pork belly on pork loin, then douses both in Italian seasoning and tops 'em with arugula.Oh, and there's fenced-in outdoor seating too, plus, if you hate fenced-in outdoor seating, they have a completely portable wood-burning oven you can book for all-you-can-eat private pizza parties, assuming you're itching for more.