A Chan-Ho-approved brasserie and bar

Sequels almost always suck, except in rare occasions like Weekend at Bernie's II, or Honey We Shrunk Ourselves, or Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights, or Teen Wolf Too... damn, nevermind, sequels f-ing rule! For a follow-up performance almost as awesome as The Little Mermaid 2: Return to the Sea, Park Tavern, opening Thursday.

From the team behind SOMA super-bistro Marlowe, Park is its bigger, badder sister in North Beach, a cornea-fellating 100-seat brasserie sporting an indoor/outdoor cafe up front with tufted black leather booths, a marble-topped bar area anchored by an 18-seat Edison-bulb'd communal, and a black subway-tiled main dining room equipped with an expansive open kitchen, barn wood-wrapped beams, and a custom wagon wheel chandelier. Food'll include classics from their Townsend St bistro (including the "Marlowe" burger and Brussels sprout chips), plus new eats filed as "Raw" (NY steak with horseradish, arugula, and parm), "Fried" (sea salt and vinegar pork rinds), "Smoked" (housemade beef jerky), and "Entrees", which include an herb-marinated Cornish game hen whole-roasted on a beer-can-chicken-esque spit and served on a chopping block with a huge carving knife, which should keep you and Linda Kozlowski safe from any lurking punk teens. There'll also be booze-aplenty highlighted by park-themed cocktails like the McLaren (Hendrick's gin/ cucumber juice/ lemon/ ginger beer) that pays homage to Scotsman and park namesake John McLaren, or the Old Potrero whiskey, Douglas Fir Eau de Vie, apple-rosemary, and Anchor Steam'd McKinley, likely served as a killer shot... TO THE CHEST.

Come December, they'll also launch private dining for 50 in the still-closed upstairs, which'll come with your own private bartender, though don't expect him to work for Free... Willy 2, unless he's a big Jason James Richter fan.