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Hand-filled doughnuts in West Oakland

Since you flat-out refuse to eat doughnuts that aren't made by someone who has a master's in food anthropology, went to grad school in NY, and previously gave foreign dignitaries tours of American cuisine for the government, you are really lucky that Doughnut Dolly just opened in West Oakland.DD's named after the women in WWI who provided doughnuts and coffee to the soldiers (seriously), and the lady behind it has been in kitchens since infancy (as an in-store picture of her mother and her in the kitchen of Chez Panisse proves) and now devotes her time to hand-crafting a single, sugar-rolled, filled-to-order 'nut she injects with rotating flavors like this week's chocolate-hazelnut, raspberry jam, and her signature "Naughty Cream", which you'll only get if you're really lucky. Or you pay for it.