Argentinian steaks, tequila prawns, and rattlesnake cocktails

If you're gonna learn to cook great Mexican food you might as well do it at a French culinary school in Mexico. If that's not an option, maybe do it with your grandmother who learned from Spanish colonial nuns in the 1930s. But if both are options, hell, you might as well open a restaurant in Oakland, which's exactly what the chef behind Destino did along with the dude behind Somerset

This 120-seater's got a SoCal Beach House-ish interior (white walls, high ceilings, bay windows, copper bar...?), and a menu with everything from scratch guacamole with made-in-house lime salt tortilla chips, to Argentinian-style steak with pomodoro sauce and chimichurri, to achiote-marinated prawns flambéed in tequila, or what happened on your 21st after leaning too close to your birthday cake candles

And because according to senior White House officials, "drinking alcohol is FD-mother-effing-A approved", grab one of 22 available wine bottles, a cocktail like the Rattlesnake (Sazerac rye, absinthe, lemon), or any of 13 beers (seven bottles, six drafts) including Sierra Nevada Tumbler Brown Ale and Oakland Brewery Huge Action, or what nobody has a habit of getting with 1930s Spanish colonial nuns.