Know what SF's best chefs eat

From a local dude (and his brother, and arguably the most powerful food writer in SF not named after a character from 24) who shoots hilarious iPhone videos of people who pass out on BART then wake up scared and frantically trying to figure out how long they were asleep, CF is a new iPhone app that sadly doesn't include any of those videos, but instead offers up a catalog of the best dishes in four different markets chosen entirely by a crazy-famous roster of kitchen-minders.

Here's how it works: you'll log-in via Fbook, choose a city (SF!!), and then pick a chef from that metropolis, which'll bring up a list of reasons you should trust them (World Pesto Championship winner, Michelin-starred, also dislikes the dude from Captain Planet whose only power is "heart", etc.) along with their five fave dishes, which you can rate, add to an itinerary, or check off once you eat 'em to enjoy an accomplishment-signaling ding.

Browse-able spatula-wielders in the 7X7 include dudes like Danny Bowien of Mission Chinese, Joshua Skenes of Saison, Matthew Accarrino of SPQR, or Thomas McNaughton at Flour + Water, whose respective most-favoritest edibles include the Margherita pie at Una Pizza, raw spot prawns at R&G Lounge, the grilled cheese at Outerlands, and the pork chop at Nopa, also something Michael Landon never heard, because it was his Little House on the Prairie.

Other radness: load dishes near your geo-location with the Feed Me Seymour Now button, sort foodstuffs by restaurant, and be ready for six more cities by December, unless you miss them because you're asleep on BART and OH MY GOD YOU'RE IN PITTSBURGH/BAY POINT!!!