Donuts + Burgers = Seriously?!?

Have you ever thought, "How cool would it be if I could rent out a food truck that makes classic burgers for my party" and then thought, "screw that, I want burgers that use glazed donuts instead of buns"? Well, thank God you subscribe to Thrillist, because this is a food truck that makes burgers that use glazed donuts instead of buns.Started by three childhood friends, Dough's an honest-to-goodness mobile burger and sandwich shop that puts everything between grilled, glazed donuts (!?!), and's now ready to pull up to your next event for a totally worth it fee-per-dude/dudette. They'll bring a selection from their menu that'll include burgers (The Dough: Angus beef w/ American cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo on a donut), sandwiches (The Chicken & Donut: fried chicken, bacon, coleslaw on a donut), and even desserts like the chocolate-and-crunchy-peanut-butter-on-a-donut Banana In Pajamas, which Jim Bob Duggar clearly never put his in.What's more, if you -- SERIOUSLY, WHY ARE YOU STILL READING THIS? IT'S A FREAKING DONUT BURGER TRUCK. BOOK IT IMMEDIATELY, DUDE. AND TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS.