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Boozified chorizo and absinthe sorbet for breakfast

Usually, making breakfast consists of you "borrowing" your roommate's Wheaties, your other roommate's lactose-free milk (ew), your other other roommate's free-trade (ugh) coffee, and your subletter's everything bagels. But since everyone's out of all their stuff (learn to grocery shop losers!), skip the whole making breakfast thing entirely and just head to Maven's newly started brunch.Lower Haight's well-loved resto's featuring eggy-fare like Duck Hash w/ fried duck egg and sofrito (sauteed onions, garlic & tomatoes) and Southern Style Eggs Benedict (tasso ham, chard, spicy Hollandaise), both served with griddled smashed potatoes, so they probably won't need any more sauce. There're also more lunchy items like the BLT+ (avocado mousse, fried egg, heirloom tomato, two helpings of +), along with a bunch of sides that count mezcal-infused chorizo and "billionaire's bacon", which Mark Zuckerberg can afford a lot less of now (oooooh, IPO burn!).And because this resto is all about the pairs, they're offering a special brunch drink menu with the likes of the Yellow Brick Road (bourbon, bubbles, chartreuse & bitters), and the bubbles & absinthe sorbet-combining Death in the Afternoon, or, if your roommates are involved, in the Morning, right after they catch you stuffing your face with their free-trade coffee-covered everything bagels.