Food & Drink

XXX Sausages!...?

Even though the phrase "Mobile German" probably means you're gonna have to keep this on the DL from your grandpa, you're still gonna need to hit up Municher German Food Truck: a just-launched prost-mobile now slinging schnitzel on the streets of SF (alliteration bonus!!). This blue-and-white-checkered food truck (manned by a crew in lederhosen tees) is the brainchild of a woman who was educated at American College (in... Switzerland??) and behind two personal chef ventures, making her more than equipped to serve you all the Deutschland grub you'd ever want, plus a couple you didn't know you did, namely

Currywurst: This extremely popular German dish tops steamed-then-fried Bockwurst with a curry ketchup, which can be seasoned with MPAA-rating-equated spices ranging from G (paprika) to XXX, which's either ghost peppers, or what you totally don't watch when your GF is out of town... or hanging out with her friends... or in the bathroom for like a minute

Flammkuchen: Not actually what you might get from hooking up with Lindsay Lohan, this is actually a you're-pretty-sure-German-is-just-a-silly-version-of-English-affirming grilled pizza that comes topped with caramelized onions, crème fraîche, and bacon -- a combo that'll likely make its way into your lunch rotation very soon (foreshadowing bonus!!).