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Get your daytime drink(s) on

You know that scene from When Harry Met Sally..., where they're at lunch and she starts fake orgasm-ing to prove a point, but then they have three martinis and go back to Harry's place and she starts real orgasm-ing... to prove a point? What's that? That's not how the scene ends? Well it would if that movie were as awesome as Park Tavern's 3 "Martini" Lunch, launching this Friday. This triple-coursed, prix fixe-only, employment-defying affair from the lauded Washington Square brasserie comes with two food options for each course and an if-you-dare three-"'tini" pairing (in quotes because they're not exactly all martinis, and abbreviated sorta like your career's about to be). Here's a breakdown of the food options you should probably go with:First Course: "BLT" with burrata instead of bacon, young lettuces, heirlooms, sweet basil, pickled spring onions, and an edible weed... no, not that kindFirst Drink: Gin Gibson w/ vermouth, basil & pickled onionSecond Course: Grilled hanger steak with a side summer squash ratatouille w/ fairytale eggplant that, come midnight, turns into... a princess! Maybe!Second Drink: Bloody Martini made w/ vodka, tomato & chilesThird Course: Rogue Creamery Blue Cheese (w/ choco mint, walnut bread & smoked Bing cherries, which're totally just as good as Google cherries)Third Drink: Smoked Cherry Daiquiri (rum, cherry cordial, lime)Also awesome: the whole thing's cleverly disguised on your to-be-expensed receipt as a totally harmless "prix fixe lunch", so when the female client you're with orders it, don't be afraid to tell the waiter "I'll have what she's having".