Science-y coffee with 40x more caffeine. Yep.

Sometimes all you need is a good cup of coffee to start your morning off right, instead of short, shriveled, and to the left like normal. For a new breed of super-coffee with some serious balls, check out Black Blood Of The Earth.

From the same nuclear-weapon-disarmer who used to open the doors to the Phoenix Foundation with a Dorito brought you Steins Of Science, BBotE's a super-caffeinated cold-vacuum-extracted coffee brewed in the dude's Oakland loft that's packed with 40x more caffeine than a normal cup of drip. Available in pre-brewed 375ml, 750ml, 1L, and 4L bottles, this waker-upper is available in limited supplies (he only makes 6L a day) in five different varietals -- dark roast (Sumatra), medium (Ethiopia, Kona Blend, Kenya) and light (Panama) -- though you really shouldn't drink more than four shots a day, unless you're Joe Namath and know you're about to be asked what impresses you most about Chad Pennington. Even more rad, he just added an extra-exclusive coffee concentrate to the BBotE line that incorporates a dark roasted blend from upstate New York that uses the highest caffeinated robusta beans in the world, called Death Wish, probably because it actually might make your heart explode and you die!!! he liked that Charles Bronson movie.

The BBotE is meant to be served cold in a shot glass, but they've got how-to-consume instructions on the site including ratios for an iced latte, Americano, and a "strangely sweet, delicious" 3-to-1 coffee vodka drink that's ironically been known to make getting (it) up considerably harder.