Food & Drink

Dessert, at your fingertips, for one day only

Things you love about Uber: everything. Things you love about ice cream: also everything. Things you love about On-Demand Ice Cream Trucks From Uber: Wait, what now?That's right, this Friday only, in addition to hailing a sweet, chauffeured black Town Car, you can order up your very own personal ice cream truck -- Uber'll have five Yay Area dessert-mobiles roaming the 7x7 (including Garden Creamery, Golden Ice Cream, and Twisted Chill), all armed with five-packs of frozen deliciousness (yes, you can order more than one five-er) and sweet Uber swag like free T's, Mister.And unlike your childhood -- when every time you heard "Pop Goes The Weasel" you had to sprint to Mom and beg her for money, then hopefully grab the truck before it drove away -- all you have to do to get the truck to come to you is press a new cone button on the Uber app... then sprint to Mom to ask her for money. Because if there's one thing you love about Mom it's everything all her money.